XYZ Systems

We specialize in X/Y/Z and theta stations creating multiple testing options on a multitude of hard to measure components with one station. The flexible Z-axis can be used for pressing, pulling, rotating, pick and place or attach a dispenser and fill 96-well microtitre plates. Fixturing can be designed for multiple fixtures, one-op or in-line production.

Switch & Touch Screen Testing

Auto measure/test solutions:

  • Soft touch
  • Swipe
  • Push-button
  • Rotate/torque
  • Tap (1-20hz)
  • Life testing
  • Keyboard
  • Phone
  • Remote
  • Pad
  • Tactile Dome

Typical profile of a switch is a fast approach above surface, low force land, press through switch and return home. Display and record position vs. force open loop or just extend to known position for high speed tapping up to 20hz. Closed loop force allows high speed profiling up to 20hz.

Switch Test

Z force levels 0-1N or 0-40N peak. Force repeatability to 5 grams open loop, accuracy better than 1%. Recommend a 40% duty cycle on continuous forces over 1 second.
Closed loop control allows sub-gram resolution. Ability of force feedback allows the ease of finding the exact surface level to apply force. Set min/max acceptable surface levels or pass/fail on position at specified force. All profiles and tolerances are programmable.

Switch Test Soft Landing

Life or single shot cycle of compression or tinsel testing can easily be performed. High speed and accurate testing. Automated solutions that provide customizable real time reports and reduce labor costs by 50%.

High Accuracy & Speed

Adding the dimension of accurate position control along with force monitoring all in one allows total control and fewer components. Master costs associated with hand inspection by 80%, changing the problem to a solution saving time and money.

  • Velocity up to 1 meter/sec
  • Encoder resolutions are 5um (.0002”), 1um or 0.1um
  • Accuracy +/-2 encoder counts
  • Little to no overshoot

Life Testing

Monitor for pass/fail of force or position at high speeds, high life actuators provide ability for reliability testing of all types of components that require strict force and position accuracy.

  • Cycle life greater than 300 million cycles.

Run a single cycle to validate, then set cycle to desired number and station will detect if there is a failure outside of tolerance windows. Interface provides current and target cycle count.

Data Acquisition

Our unique software allows you to create a customize profile or tests that can be saved based on part type or methods you choose. Time stamp, operator, serial number or batch numbers can be saved as well. Showing profile of rotary switch.

Data Acquisition

Test data available to profile and save. Saved format can be opened in interface graph or data table for your history records.

Data Acquisition 2