Bright clear lighting of your workspace increases your accuracy. LED lighting floods your work area with bright light so you can see every stitch, every detail. The light is mounted on the machine and moves with you as you move around the pattern. The ultraviolet LED light allows you to use glow power or pencils to see quilting lines on light colored or busy fabrics with the flip of a switch.

Light kit:

Includes LED System, (2) Plastic rails for mounting with (4) longer side plate screws, a 12vdc power supply and necessary clips and 3M double sided tape.


No battery, plugs into your existing fluorescent plug on your machine.

Energy efficient LED’s:

  • 3 watts of power
  • Over 30,000 hours of life

Compare that to an 8 watt fluorescent 10″ bulb that only lasts 7,000 hours. That’s a 74% power savings or 22,000 hours of life on the light!

Power options, in-line or wall plug:
In-Line 12vdc power supply using 3M double sided tape attaches to the arm underside and connects to both the LED panel connector. The AC input line plugs into your existing fluorescent bulb connector (Molex 4pin) on the front left side of the head.

Power Supply

Wall plug 12vdc power supply plugs into existing laser receptacle (at back end of machine) wire runs along APQS arm to LED panel. Wire clips are included with double sided 3M tape to hang along the arm.

Note: Either the Wall plug or Laser can be used, but not simultaneously.

Wall Plug

Mounting is simple, install the 2 rails, slide in the LED System, plug in the power supply option and connect to your longarm with the 3M double sided tape provided.

Then the best news is you can remove that old tube light!


(both power supply options shown in picture)

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